Our recruiters represent a range of leading firms and also the established appeal of the versatile ISMR B-School MBA graduates to a wide range of international employers. We have provided employment data to illustrate the transformative career pathways our students often take.

Placement by Function

As well as unique business experience, and a competitive salary, you’ll gain a great insight into what it’s like to work in multiple domains. You could even secure a place on our graduate program, to take up after university.

Placement by Company

We offer Industrial Placements in these domain areas to our students who successfully complete their program and are ready to face the challenges of the industry. We maintain successful relations with industry, with collaborations including projects, placements, and internships.

Internship by Function

Internships at ISMR B-School are an excellent opportunity to introduce you to what it would be like to work. Each year we are proud to on-board hundreds of interns offering them the opportunity to work with new people and learn new techniques.

Internship by Company

All our interns are offered real work experience in various domains and are engaged in business environments and projects to ensure that they bring the best out of the assignment. You will apply the technical skills that you have learned to be ready for the global job market.

Placement Statistics Academic Year wise

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