Our mission – “Placing You First”

Placement is Key Focus Area of ISMR B-School. The institute has a dynamic Corporate Relations Management (CRM) with the primary objective of sharpen student’s skills in opportunity evaluation and help them understand the task, decisions and knowledge that are required to turn job opportunity into stepping stone. Our CRM component is responsible for industry interface, Summer Internship and Final Placements activities.

At ISMR B-School, rigorous structured training on enhancing on employability skills to ensure high end best MBA placements in different industry verticals. Corporate Relations Management (CRM) of the institute, operates under the guidance of CEO, with the primary objective of sharpen ISMR B-School students skills in opportunity evaluation and help them understand the task, decisions and knowledge that are required to turn job opportunity into stepping stone. They perform following activities for students:

Industry Interface – The CRM organizes various activities such as Guest Lectures, Industry Leaders talk series by inviting corporate stalwarts to the campus to strengthen industry interaction.

Organizing Soft Skill Training Programs – Organizing various kinds of training programs to transform students into live wire corporate professional.

Career Counselling – Our CRM officials guide the students through the process of investigating all possible career options and help them make career choices which are consistent to their interest, abilities and work experience.

Industrial Visits – Industrial visits are organized to enable students to co-relate their theoretical inputs with the actual functioning of organizations.

Internship – For providing Internship to students in National & International Companies.

Final Placements – The task of campus final placements will start from 15th Dec onwards.

We @ ISMR B-School are highly obliged for the co-operation, guidance and support extended to us for summer and final placements of our students by the aforesaid corporate sectors. This valuable contribution helped us to grow and placed our school in the list of premier business schools in the country.


ISMR B-School’s placement team is well-connected with regional and national employers and each year places candidates in varied roles and levels. We offer 100% placement assistance to amplify your career.





Our Recruiters

Our management programs come with well-developed project management and global business management skills, which are highly sought after by employers in both the private and public sectors. Our eminent recruiters are some of the blue-chip companies to reckon with.

Students Testimonials

  • It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of ISMR B-School. I believe ISMR B-School has given me opportunities which are definitely going to help me in making professional connections. The well-designed curriculum, MDPs, Live projects, Guests Lectures, Corporate Exposure etc. has definitely added value to my career.
    Juhi Gupta
  • This institute helps students like us to cope up with corporate world and helps to stand apart from others. Our institute mainly focuses on Aspire Achieve and Acquire. It also helps us to inculcate the disciplined qualities. The directors and faculties here not only taught us from books but also from events, live projects and many more interactive techniques.
    Sneha Agarwal
  • If you want to kick start your career backed up with a good academic experience with a world class infrastructure and highly experienced faculty, then 'ISMR B-School' is the name for you. In ISMR B-School, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership qualities and proactive thinking through various cultural programmes and corporate events. It gives me immense pleasure to call myself as an 'ISMR B-Schoolian'.
    Surbhi Bajpai
  • ISMR B-School is an active college in every vertical. It also provides many facilities like hostel for girls and boys both, canteen, gym, computer lab, library with proper ambiance etc. Faculties conduct mentoring sessions individually to enhance the personality of each student. MDP's, GD's and extempore are scheduled very frequently and these extra activities are very much essential for the students to participate.
    Tista Ganguly
  • “ISMR B-School as an institute gave me ample opportunities to learn & grow in all aspects of life. Irrespective from where you belong you will always get the homely treatment. Commitment & discipline are the irrespective of the 2-year programme which has helped me to become better student and top of it a better human being.”
    Akshara Pradeep
  • "The well-defined structure semester wise is what I loved. I knew every day, what I have to learn. ISMR B-School has understood my reserve points and made sure that by the end of the program I overcome them. Most of the concepts of the theory were given a practical approach through Management games. Thank You ISMR B-School!"
    Anindita Acharjee
  • "I am a proud ISMR B-Schoolian. I would like to thank the entire team of ISMR B-School for bringing the transportation of being a live wire on the field. The special emphasis on Personality development, grooming and corporate etiquettes given by ISMR B-School are helping me every day in taking the corporate expectations. ISMR B-School Rocks!"
    Taposh Biswas
  • "Fashion shows, Food fest, Sports day, Youth day, fests….what fun all these were. Being ISMR B-Schoolian is all about fun, masti, outings, enjoying and above all……with every activity there was learning. We are the best batch of the best institute- ISMR B-School!"
    Uday Majumdar
  • "The placement team of ISMR B-School is the best with amazing corporate relations. Being a member of placement committee, I got to develop my network of professionals which is helping me even now. Not only in east or west, but in all directions, ISMR B-School is the best!"
    Akhil Pillai
  • "I take pride in the Institute. I will always miss the scenic campus, siting in library, enjoying the rains. Especially the workshops, MDP’s and simulation games that I have done in ISMR B-School have helped me understand myself better and has helped me become a better team player. I am going to Miss ISMR B-School days always and ever and a big THANK YOU!"
    Pavithra L
  • "Though hard but it’s true, though course but it’s certain. You may have studied, learned, enjoyed, and experienced a lot of sundry things in your whole life but, two years at ISMR B-School have taught me clear modes of success and modes to achieve it.ISMR B-School made sure that what I learn in the class is seen in the operations. ISMR B-School Rocks!"
    Rishikesh Rao
  • “ISMR B-School has given me a lot of opportunities to groom myself and compete in the corporate world. In short, it is an ocean of knowledge.”
    Devyani Mehta
  • "Our institute motivates and encourages students to organize various events and thereby helps develop leadership qualities"
  • “ISMR B-School helped me nurturing my talent in various ways. It was a unique experience. Right from the directors to staff members to the faculty members all are very helpful and they bought out the best in me. “ISMR B-School ROCKS”.
    Namrata Khandagale
  • “ISMR B-School gives lot of opportunities to its students to showcase their academic and extracurricular skills. This place has completely changed me as a person and has taught me the values to be a thorough professional and a great manager.”
  • "I still remember the dialogue from corporate relations desk- “INTERNSHIP IS GOING TO BE YOUR BEST EXPERIENCE” and yes, it was my best. ISMR B-School made sure I do not Brede under the corporate stress. They teach not tackle stress, but to manage it. And Yahoo! I converted my internship into PPO."
    Anima Bhargav
  • “ISMR B-School as an institute gave me ample opportunities to learn & grow in all aspects of life. Irrespective from where you belong you will always get the homely treatment. Commitment & discipline are the backbone of the 2 year programme which has helped me to become better student and top of it a better human being.”
    Shobhit Cyril
  • “ISMR B-School is a place where you come with dreams, and move out turning those into reality!!!”
    Aishwarya Banerjee
  • “ISMR B-School is an epitome of world class education which believes in reshaping attitudes of its student so that they can explore their potentials.”
    Abhishek Ranjan
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful campus and the quality of facilities that ISMR B-School provides. Eventually the excellent pedagogy of the teachers and the amazing help I received to enhance my skill and improve my knowledge convinced me of the Excellency of ISMR B-School. I will recommend this place to all the students as well as this is the place where one learns more than one can expect.
    Divyani Mehta
  • I am pursuing MBA from ISMR B-School Pune and would like to add that the institute and the faculty members are very student friendly and approachable in nature. The faculty members make sure that all the sessions are interactive and interesting in nature. They use a lot of case studies, discussions, role-plays and many innovative ways of evaluation. The Institute organizes various industrial visits, guest lectures, conferences and case conclaves to give a hands on experience to its students.
    Gourav Shivhare
  • ISMR B-School Pune has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. By participating in the inter-university and intra-university events conducted by the School of Management, I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to whole new augment level.
    Pragati Chouhan
  • The infrastructure ISMR B-School Pune is one of the finest in the Maharashtra is what stands out the most. The professors here make the institute what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only delivering classroom teachings, but also providing the students with real-time case studies and hands on industry experience with field project works, they are the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed university and this is a treasure for life.
    Raju Swain
  • Apart from the lush green campus backed by astonishing infrastructure, studying in ISMR B-School gave me a lead with a lifelong career excellence. From the very supporting faculties to excellent pedagogy, all helped me enhance my skills to the optimum and is still inspiring me to never give up. My education at ISMR B-School B- School was an experience for lifetime and will stay with me forever.
    Rohit Narwara
  • The academic experience with a world class infrastructure and excellent faculty at ISMR B-School has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. The exceptional programmer and teaching methodologies backed by practical skills and industry interface have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The all-time support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout the beautiful journey.
    Shabdika Mishra
  • Success was a phenomena in my mind which I wanted to strive for, before I came to ISMR B-School. And it was made apparent here by the guidance of the mentors, my hard work and fate that I flew high to the right direction from where I was founded. Thanking for the miracle of life at ISMR B-School. Its Family.
    Vikas Kumar
  • The journey that started at School of Management, ISMR B-School two years ago was indeed one of the best decisions of our lives. Our professors have inspired us and challenged us throughout this quest to help us reach the epitome of success and achievement. The unique approach of “learning by doing” via cases, industrial visits and consultancy projects has led to immense value addition. The teachings we learnt will be helpful for all days henceforth.
    Vishal Singh
  • Coming to this college was a very good decision. All the professors are very good and give theory and practical exposure. There is Mentor and Mentee system followed here. ISMR B-School follows mobile free campus where mobile are collected in college hours. There are a group of managers like Class Representative, Newshour Manager, Cultural Manager, etc where selected students are given the responsibility to conduct. External and Internal environment is great. Proud to be ISMRian. ISMR Rocks !!!
    Salim Mulani
  • I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to ISMR B-School, Pune. The college made sure that I am corporate ready and skilled enough to fulfill corporate demand. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the Placement cell and all the staff for their efforts in placing me in Repos Energy, Pune. I am very grateful to them for effectively and sincerely helping me to grab first ever opportunity that came into my life.
    Roopam Choudhary

Corporate Testimonials

  • I visited ISMR B-School to deliver a guest lecture and had a brilliant experience interacting with the students. The campus is vibrant with beautiful scenic location and a must visit place. Quality of students is good and Management takes lot of efforts in molding them to great shapes. I wish ISMR B-School and students a great success.
    Mr. M.V. Krishna
    AVP- Marketing / Piaggio Vehicles Ltd
  • I got an opportunity to visit ISMR B-School recently to deliver guest lecture to students, and my experience had been one to cherish for. My guest appearance changed to being the recruitment partner of the institute. The students here are very interactive and curious. I like the teaching methodology of the institute where they follow a clean blend of conceptual and practical training. I wish all the students of ISMR B-School a bright and rewarding career.
    Mr. Sunil Godse
    GM - HR Operations / SandvikAsia Pvt Ltd
  • I got an opportunity to be at ISMR B-School during their convocation ceremony and what I saw there was really an experience. Sitting on dais gave me the feeling of being in any function of International repute. The quality of students is extremely good as I found them well polished and refined. It is also sheer pleasure working with them on the same floor. I would love to come back to ISMR B-School for more meetings with students and I wish all of them best of luck for upcoming placements.
    Mr. Prashant Pathole
    Head-Sales / The Quintessential
  • I have three years of association with ISMR B-School; I have not only recruited students from HR specialization for final placement and SIP but have also given guest lecturers to them on various occasions. What makes ISMR B-School different from other colleges is the continuous training on soft skills and making students aware of what’s happening outside the four walls of the college. My heartiest wishes to students and the management of ISMR B-School for showing exponential growth in past few years.
    Mr. Saji Daniel
    Director-HR / Sunguard
  • I had been at ISMR B-School for the induction ceremony of batch 2011 and my experience had been one to cherish for lifelong. The students here are extremely disciplined and talented. I interacted with some of them and found them to be at par with any ‘A’ listed management institutes in India. My good wish is always there with the management and students of ISMR B-School.
    Mr. Vijay Nair
    GM - HR / Mahindra and Mahindra
  • I have been to best of B-Schools across India, and also got an opportunity to be the chief guest in convocation ceremony of ISMR B-School. What I liked about the institute is the charismatic approach to whatever they do. The openness of management and students has really worked well for this institute and that is the reason ISMR B-School has been achieving their placements targets so very well. I wish all the current students and management a great success in coming years.
    Mr. Kailash Katkar
    MD & CEO / Quick Heal
  • I happen to visit ISMR B-School to conduct a small workshop on HR and I must say that students responded much above to my expectation. ISMR B-School has got a great state of art infrastructure which allows students to concentrate more on their studies and career. I wish the current batch all the very best for great placements.
    Mr. Pankaj Pradeep
    GM-HR / Fiat India Automobiles Ltd
  • It gives me immense pleasure to write a testimonial for ISMR B-School. I had been to the institute as a guest of honor during their induction ceremony. The students are not just disciplined but are also very curious to learn about new things. My interaction with them was great and I wish all of them a bright future in coming years.
    Dr. S. V. Bhave
    VP-HR / Bharat Forge Ltd.

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