ISMR B-School- A place for highly ambitious, talented students who want to excel in career and become hard-core professionals in management have an excellent reputation for quality teaching and sustained high levels of student satisfaction. ISMR B-School is ranked 28th in the top B-Schools of survey of IIM India in 2018.

ISMR B-School has a diverse learning community, with students coming from different parts of the country together in the college. The different student’s base and origin forms the versatility among the quality of the students. Also, the different origins of the students mean different. Exposures and experience which only grows further within ISMR B-School when they come in touch with our experienced faculties and other students sharing their experiences.

ISMR B-School treats its students not only as a future professional but believes them to be CEOs right from the beginning and treat them as such making them all-round ready for the corporate world right from the word go.

The 20-acre campus of ISMR B-School facilitates its students to only focus in education but teaches them close to the nature using different management development programs, live projects, and unique approaches like studying management through Indian Wisdom.

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