A Word From Trustee

Dr. Nilesh Bhutada


The only constant in this world is change. The ebb and flow of change is perennial in economies, industries and businesses. It is indeed a challenging task for managers to constantly adapt to these changes.
In all these years that I have spent in the field of management education, I have seen wave after wave of changes that have assailed management education. We have not only gone under these waves, but we have also succeeded in riding many of them.

Built on a culture of merit, integrity and ethics, we groom future managers through a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum supported by courses in ethics, international business and considerable industry exposure. Appreciation of societal issues is inculcated through various social action programs and a three-week project on ‘Socially Useful and Productive Activity’.

On the whole, our endeavor is to develop managers who by dint of their capability and character can measure up to the diverse challenges of the world of business and industry.

The world is increasingly becoming more connected and interdependent in the way such as the businesses operate today with a focus shifting on the emerging markets. Otherwise how does one explain Walmart’s decision to buy controlling stake in Flipkart, Beckshire Hathway’s decision to invest in Paytm and Softbank’s decision to invest in new age businesses.

It clearly states that the business landscape is changing rapidly and means that the workforce of tomorrow is in for a big challenge, which is to not only learn but also re-learn and up-learn all through the course of their professional career.

It is important that future Managers possess the skills of tomorrow to remain on top of the game called business, whether they choose professional career or become an entrepreneur.

ISMR B-School represents a great diversity in geographies, languages, cultures, traditions, faiths, enthusiasm, abilities, view-of-life as we select students from almost 20 states. This provides a very vibrant and wholesome peer environment thereby helping them not only to be competitive but also become a better human being.

At ISMR B-School you will be part of an exciting journey of exploration, learning and development of your personal and professional potential.

ISMR B-School always welcome passionate students to start their managerial journey!!!

Welcome to become ISMRians!!!

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