A Word From Head - Corporate Relations

Dr. Manju Punia Chopra

Head - Corporate Relations

ISMR B-School is an emerging and most promising business school in Pune and India as well. I believe that certain underlying principles are the core of ISMR B-School which will ensure its continuing pole position. In an endeavour to educate leaders of tomorrow, we draw upon reserves of goodwill among the diaspora of our alumni, network among recruiters and potential students and we proudly flaunt the commitment of our faculty and staff. ISMR B-School is the place where the sun never sets. We aim to be recognized as one of the premier management schools in India. To reach that stage, the institute is following a three-pronged approach: ASPIRE, ACQUIRE and ACHIEVE.

We will ASPIRE to grow our capacity but do so in a thoughtful and strategic manner.
ACQUIRE an unshakable commitment to foster a diverse and inclusive community of learners, driven by values and energized by the meritocracy that should mark our institute.

ACHIEVE a high-performance work environment by emphasizing and supporting a climate of autonomy, stretch and teamwork.

The world is witnessing global churn and unrest, but a new hope is rising in India. We are embarked on a fresh round of liberalization- one that will take our economy to a higher peak. Let us join hands to leverage this fresh liberalization- Join ISMR B-School- WHERE THE SUN NEVER SETS!

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