A Word From Director Finance

Prof. Chetan Bhutada

Director Finance (CA, MBA, M. Com)

It is indeed a great pleasure to talk about the vision behind ISMR B-School, a unique centre for thought leadership in corporate management. Having actively participated in the industry-academia discussions over the years, it is a firm belief that management education programs can be created with the highest excellence only when structured and facilitated by industry veterans who are personally experienced in what they articulate.

It is also my belief that active engagement with the industry in the form of original research and management education programs is essential for future managers to maintain thought leadership.
This, in turn, would benefit industry through transformational training, coaching, mentoring, and other instruments of leadership development.

At ISMR B-School, we have anchored all our activities keeping the leadership thought in mind. This gives us an edge above all. ISMR B-School is not a choice; it is a chance to create choices!

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