Why Should Every Management Student Learn Digital Marketing?

Why Should Every Management Student Learn Digital Marketing?

An MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is regarded as a very important qualification to pursue management roles in India. Attending a good business school enhances your skills and knowledge in the financial sector. Sales and Marketing jobs pay 40-50% more than any other functions in business. No wonder, around 5- 6 lakhs MBA students graduate every year in India. Breathing in the 21st century we witness internet and technology driving a maximum of business. Businesses are now snapping up roles to offer MBA students according to the new practices.

A brilliant recommendation by experts in Marketing to MBA students is to learn Digital Marketing. It is a perfect blend of technology and business which is the need of the hour. Here are a few reasons why every management student should learn Digital Market to secure their careers!

1. Supplements your formal MBA degree 

Digital Marketing is an algorithmic practice to drive results in business expansion and branding on the web. Right from understanding and analysing target audience to reaching their screens effectively to get deals done involves a deep study. A Digital Marketing Course fosters the spirit of innovation with technology holding traditional strategies. Undoubtedly,  a full-fledged Digital Marketing Course is a strong add-on to MBA considering the skills and knowledge it offers.

2. Massive demand and less supply

The job market has vast opportunities you can fit into once you are trained in Digital Marketing and also complete your MBA. On an average, only 13,000 digital marketers, who hold a formal degree in the vertical are produced in India. According to surveys, Indian MNCs require 150,000 digital marketers to run their digital transformation processes. Hence an MBA opportunist student can benefit a lot from the current scenario in the industry which has a huge demand and very less supply to fulfill their requirements.

3. Adds great value to your resume

Skills acquired in Digital Marketing are in rigorous demand in any industry. A profile reading strong hands-on training with tools and techniques is more a better option for any employer. The weight these skills adds to any resume eradicates its dependency on other tech or marketing skills.

4. Can be mastered simultaneously with MBA

Digital Marketing can be learned online, offline as well as a hybrid for the convenience of students. The curriculum is so designed that it can be easily grasped even by non- technical background students. The course has more to do with innovation, creativity, and strategy, hence there is no pre-requisite to learn Digital Marketing.

5. Entrepreneurship career options

If you have a good business idea and believe you have a knack for entrepreneurship, then digital marketing skills will add wings to your plan. If you have identified your niche and looking to express yourself on a large platform, then blogging is an effective way also to generate revenue.

6. Makes you Competition ready

In this era of rapid experimentation in markets, the competition to survive in the industry is intense. A digital Marketer always keeps ahead in this race certainly because of the strength his profile has to be a combo of technology and marketing. Although it is important for any professional to keep updating his skills to explore the best options for him.

7. Global Certifications

Certified as a Digital Marketer from a reputed institute is definitely a perk which will help you sell your profile more confidently. Also, Google provides numerous online certifications in its AdWords section which is a criterion for many profiles.

We at ISMR B-School strive hard to prepare students to emerge as leaders of tomorrow and face the challenges of the corporate world. We see Digital Marketing as a skill that can enhance profiles of our management students. Hence, we are proud to announce our collaboration with NSDM INDIA, a premium Digital Marketing institute. We look forth to mould management aspirants to the best form together and help to make India a superpower!

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