Why Choose ISMR B-School: A Leading Business School in Pune, India

Why Choose ISMR B-School: A Leading Business School in Pune, India

International School of Management and Research is one of the best Business Schools of Pune and we are dedicated to the holistic growth of a student via rendering the highest quality of education. Our mission at ISMR B-School, Pune is “Placing You First”, our campus resonates with myriads of extra and co-curricular activities like national and international conventions, symposia, webinars/seminars, student competitions, guest lectures from industry pioneers and reputed universities, insightful outbound programs, industry interfaces, and cultural programs.

One of our primary goals is to develop multi-talented managers who can perform efficiently and effectively in any environment and can give their 100% to the industry where they are placed. ISMR B-School, Pune not only focuses on the curriculum but also tries to create the emotion of passion for acquiring knowledge. We make sure that by teaching students how to apply skills and knowledge in solving real-life problems with ease.

It is also critical that a student must choose the right business school for them so that they will become ever ready to face modern world challenges and requirements with utmost confidence. Most of the industries are changing, so choosing a business school whose curriculum or syllabus is getting updated time-to-time is of utmost importance so that it can keep up with the latest trends.

Remember, selecting the best and right business school is a must as it is pivotal for your life and career. If you are selecting the right B-School, you are investing time, money, and efforts at the right place and if somehow you are compromising then you will have to regret later; for sure!

In this blog, we will see the top reasons to choose ISMR B-school, Pune. So, without any further ado, let us dive deeper into the main topic…

Top Reasons to Choose ISMR B-School, Pune

Best Business School in Pune, India

There are numerous reasons to choose ISMR B-School Pune over any other MBA college or B-School and we are going to see the top 16 reasons which make us stand apart from others. So, let us start with:

  1. State-of-the-art Infrastructure: The infrastructure of ISMR B-School Pune is mesmerizing and is appreciated by the students, faculty members, and management. The infrastructure houses all modern facilities such as – top-notch hostel amenities, lush green campus, e-libraries and more. Both boys and girls hostel are in-campus so they can stay safe and won’t have to spend their valuable time on travelling.
  2. Top Ranking: Did you know, ISMR, B-School Pune is awarded “Business School of the Year 2019” by Media Partner – The Academic Insights. We are also Ranked “Top 10 Colleges and Institutes in Maharashtra” by Media Partner – Higher Education Digest. We have been ranked 20th in India by “Higher Education Review Magazine” Beyond IIM’s Top 100 B-School survey. These rankings by reputed bodies boost our credibility amongst students and they feel confident to study and learn with us.
  3. Placement: We have an immaculate record of 100% placement assistance since the beginning! Other colleges might have 90% or maybe 95% placement assistance but very few have 100% record like us. When a student joins hands with us they can rest assured that they are going to get placed in their dream organization because we don’t have an ordinary Training and Placement Cell; we have a “Success Cell”.
  1. MOUs – National/International institutions: To give our students the best and highest quality of education without any compromise we have signed MOUs with several reputed national and international institutions. With these collaborations, our valuable students have the opportunity to dive into the latest research & development activities as well as they can learn about various cultures by visiting foreign nations. This takes learning beyond the typical classroom experience.
  2. Reputed and Experienced Faculty: The faculty and staff members of ISMR B-School Pune are highly experienced. Every faculty member has 10+ years of experience and we maintain this quality as we don’t like to lower our standards when the question is about the future of our students. The faculty members here can be called as “mentors” as we have a roster of Army Major General, Doctorate Professors, Corporate Tycoons, and more. The faculty members are very candid and they always walk the extra mile and like to push the envelope when it comes to clearing the doubts of our students.
  3. Excellent Placement Record: Our placement record is unblemished. Our patron recruiters include the well-renowned MNCs and enterprises such as – FIAT, Mahindra, JustDial, Jaro Education, All State, Zealloyns, Piaggio, Wills Lifestyle, Volkswagen, Kalyani Bharat Forge, S & P Global, Yazaki, Think Bumblebee, and more. We maintain a placement record of 100% for all eligible students and our “Success Cell” makes a student ready for an interview via – mock interviews, aptitude tests, group discussions, résumé writing, CV-building, and more.
  4. Industry Oriented Teaching: ISMR B-School Pune, follows rigorous industry-oriented teaching so that our students can keep up with the latest industry trends, and their skills and talent never go out of fashion. We invite guest lecturers from reputed colleges and institutions so that our students can get the best of both worlds. With industry-oriented teaching, the students at our college develop a sense of how to work in various industries and boost their employment prospects. This, in turn, helps them in their internships and career.
  5. Hi-tech Campus: We have a modern and lush green campus where the students are free to roam, sit in peace, and discuss their life, academics, and career. We have a fully Wi-Fi enabled campus and our students can download or browse any piece of information related to the college or curriculum online via our portal. Our hi-tech campus is a reflection of our ethos. We also provide virtual classes to our students along with access to the earlier classes for exam preparation.
  6. Student life: We believe that our students must have an amazing life at ISMR B-School Pune so that they can maintain equilibrium between academics and life. At our campus, we have numerous student clubs and we conduct events so that our students will have the chance to come forward and collaborate with like-minded people. Apart from all these, we have – MDP activities, guest lectures, outbound training programs, and extra & co-curricular activities for the complete development of our students.
  7. Events & Seminars: Attending seminars and events are fun activities and they are also vital to diversify one’s network. In seminars and events, you meet new people and tend to build lifelong personal or professional relationships with them that can assist you in career path. With these, a student can also improve their communication and interpersonal skills and add experience to their CVs or resume.
  8. Industry Visits: One of the best facts about an industrial visit is that a student knows almost everything about a particular industry and they gain insights on how an organization works within various departments. This hands-on experience is a must for the MBA and PGDM students as this bridges the chasm between theoretical and practical knowledge. Industrial visits also render the opportunity for interactive learning which is not possible inside a classroom.
  9. Personality Development: In the professional realm, we understand that “First Impression is the Last Impression.” We want our students to become the best and lead any industry with their managerial skills. They must be able to overcome any problem with hard work and dedication, so along with our syllabus, we also focus equally on providing personality development classes along with communication skills development and foreign language training.
  10. Hostel Amenities: As aforementioned, we have a separate hostel for boys and girls. We believe that when a student has decided to join us they must feel that the hostel is their second home. And to maintain this hostel warden personally supervise the quality of food given to the students. They monitor the nutritional value of the meal and after double-checking everything, food is served in the mess.
  11. Virtual sessions: Amidst the pandemic, we are providing virtual learning sessions to our students so that their learning and studies don’t get hampered. To give the best, we invite industry pioneers, mentors, and guest lecturers from reputed institutions. The students can attend the virtual sessions at any convenient time as per their convenience. So, with this, a student is safe in their respective home and their learning curve isn’t declining.
  12. Availability of Recorded Sessions: We have a provision for recorded sessions if somehow any of our students have missed a lecture and want to take notes. Recorded sessions improve a student’s learning experience relieves them from the pressure of taking notes. We are one of the best business schools in India and we believe that we must incorporate and follow every possible means to provide the best quality of education so that the educational journey of our students becomes easier.
  13. Linked with 23 Corporate Houses for placement, SIP and Students Mentorships: We are proud to say – ISMR B-School Pune doesn’t have the word “compromise” in its dictionary. To give a student the best career path, we have joined hands with 23 corporate houses for placement and recruitment activities. We have School Improvement Programs as the cornerstone of our education which redefines an institution/college’s targeted work to raise the level of achievement for all of the students.

We also have student mentorship programs so our students don’t have any second thoughts when it comes to choosing a career path. With a crystal-clear vision, approach, and the assistance of our mentors, a student is bound to excel in their career and become a successful and contributing part of the society.

So, now you know why to choose ISMR B-School Pune for learning MBA or PDGM. Join hands with us and revolutionize any industry with the skills that you will gain by studying here. Lead any business with your decision-making and managerial capabilities. Keep up with the ever-changing industries and become a beacon of light for the others to follow.

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