What is the MBA Scope & Career Opportunities Post Covid-19 Pandemic in India

What is the MBA Scope & Career Opportunities Post Covid-19 Pandemic in India

MBA or Master of Business Administration is a 2-year fulltime degree that makes you savvy with all aspects of business and administration. This is an internationally recognized degree and the curriculum has been designed diligently to hone all the skills required for a great career in any sort of business. But the scope of MBA is not only limited to the business domain! As an MBA graduate, you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts to – government, public, private sector, and other prominent areas.

Many aspiring students might think that the scope and job opportunities for MBA post-COVID-19, might see a downfall but that is not the scenario at all. The present pandemic situation has shown us that besides world-class doctors, scientists, engineers, and lawyers; the world is also in need of MBA graduates. An MBA graduate knows multiple aspects of the business including Human Resource, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Analytics, Consulting and more. MBA Graduates are the best possible choice to run a business without the shadow of a doubt.

Businesses won’t stop in this pandemic as hundreds and thousands of lives are dependent on it. The scope of MBA post-COVID-19 will see an immediate boom as the HR professionals and recruiters are on a constant lookout for good MBA graduates. One of the best parts of doing an MBA is that you can directly land on a managerial role whereas other candidates who have not done MBA will take a considerable amount of time (in years) to reach such positions.

COVID-19 has adversely hit numerous sectors such as – automotive, banking; FMCG, IT, and transportation are to name a few. The IT sector has taken a strong hit as most of the clients are from the USA and they also have been badly affected due to coronavirus pandemic. As an aspiring MBA student, apart from management, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication skills, you will have to learn new skills to keep with the market. Learn virtual connectivity, networking, analytical, and team-playing skills as an addition to the aforementioned skills.

In this blog, we are going to see the scope of MBA post-COVVID-19 pandemic in India, MBA job opportunities post-COVID-19, and more. So, fasten your seat belts and let the ride begin.

Scope of MBA Degree Post Covid-19 Pandemic in India

As told earlier, there are few sectors that have been badly hit due to the coronavirus pandemic but there are also a lot of sectors that will boom post-COVID-19 scenario. Education, retail, automotive, BFSI, and IT sector are a few that will skyrocket and will demand more number of MBA graduates than ever.

For education, numerous schools, colleges, institutions, and universities have adopted online learning. This is a great alternative to a regular classroom approach but we already know that the number of admissions in college has been decreased. But post-COVID-19 more students will enroll themselves in reputed colleges so that they can continue education normally.

The same goes for the retail and automotive sectors. Nowadays, people are not buying vehicles as they know they don’t have to travel or go for any vacation trip. People are purchasing groceries from e-retail stores as they are trying their level best to maintain a healthy and safe social distancing. Post-COVID-19, most of the people that have been staying in their respective homes will come out for fresh air and will try to purchase their dream automobiles. Also, people will come out of their homes and will shop more as they have not done the same for the past several months.

The travel and tourism industry will also see boom post-COVID-19 pandemic. Myriads of professional and travel enthusiasts have locked themselves down at home as they are not able to travel. Once the situation gets normal, those people will also come out and would like to travel a lot. The travel, tourism, and hospitality industry will require more number of MBA personnel than ever as the business will demand such candidates to take over and control their respective businesses.

The scope of an MBA in India won’t cease as businesses will require MBA professionals to run and consult their respective businesses. But as the times are changing the required skillset for working in a particular industry is also changing drastically. In earlier days, there was no need that an MBA graduate has to be tech-savvy but the present scenario demands this quality as most of us are working from home.

When a candidate is working from home they have to do a lot of tasks themselves such as tech-support. You might not get assistance as you would have got during pre-COVID-19. MBA graduates have to get well-versed with webinars and online workshops to hone and develop new skills. Leadership, emotional intelligence, and adaptability to changes are a few skillsets that the industry will demand from an MBA graduate post-COVID-19 scenario.

Here are the top 5 industries that MBA graduates like to initiate their careers& prefer to work. Here, we will also see the required skillset that the following industry demands.

  • FMCG: FMCG stays the most preferred choice for MBA candidates. In this domain, an MBA candidate must have decision-making, managerial, teamwork, and leadership skills. Without these, an MBA graduate will face a lot of difficulties to survive in this competitive niche.
  • BFSI:If an MBA candidate wants to work in the BFSI sector they will need to have excellent communication skills. Apart from this, they will also need to have analytical skills, a knack for taking initiatives, time management, and strategic thinking skills.
  • Consulting: Consulting is a highly rewarding domain for all MBA graduates. They can opt to work as freelancers and consult businesses on an operational and departmental basis. They help a business run smoothly via decision-making, problem-solving, and analytical skills. Quantitative skills and the ability to leverage technology are also required to keep up with the present market.
  • Automobile: MBA graduates love to work in the automotive sector as the domain is very interesting to work. You need to have good technical skills along with the ability to lead others with your ideas. The industry prefers those MBA candidates who have outstanding communication skills, understanding of finance/account, capability to handle a wide variety of tasks (minor and major tasks included), and project management skills.
  • Information Technology: MBA graduates are always welcome in the IT sector. They won’t be doing technical stuff for obvious reasons but the IT industry demands MBA graduates for operation roles. Here, an MBA graduate will need to have strong presentation skills, work with a wide variety of people, and multi-functional team experience. Also, they need to have an inclination towards the latest technology.
  • Business Analytics: This is a highly data-driven domain where a business analyst will drive practical changes in an organization. An MBA graduate with their attained skills can join any organization and provide solutions to numerous business-related issues in the easiest possible manner. A business analyst must have excellent communication skill, able to conduct meetings, make presentations, must-know how to manage time, and prepare reports.

MBA Job Opportunities Post Covid-19

Job opportunities post-COVID-19 will see upraise. As we know, “every cloud has a silver lining” COVID-9 has shown us that we can all coexist in harmony helping each other. During this lockdown and amidst coronavirus pandemic we have got an immense opportunity to build true and long-lasting relationships and make changes in our lifestyle to boost our immunity. In present times, maintaining hygiene is no longer a good habit; it has become the need of the hour.

Also, coronavirus has shown us that we can be innovative, learn new skills, and help each other in the process. The present scenario has given an opportunity to various novel tools and software such as video conferencing software, tools required for con-call, webinars, and lot more. An opportunity to work telecommute is one of the greatest positive impacts on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Real estate has become comparatively cheaper in Tier-1 cities and regular education method has adapted to online education. See, everything is not so bad due to COVID-19!

Talking about these, let us see a few advantages of working from home

  • No wastage of time in commuting
  • Better productivity
  • Happier employees
  • Don’t have to pay for officespace
  • Don’t have to pay for office supplies
  • Hire the best from candidates from across the globe
  • Employees won’t quit
  • Avail better insights into various industries.
  • Boost employee loyalty
  • Slim to none sick leaves

Now, let us see the job roles for MBA graduates in various other industries and domains

  • Finance: An analyst plays a vital role in the finance domain. With their attained skills and knowledge, an MBA graduate who is working as an analyst will gather data and information, and based on that they will try to optimize business by making it run smoother than before. They are well-acquainted to solve business-related problems and come up with technical/non-technical solutions.
  • Marketing: A marketing manager is wholly and solely responsible to boost brand awareness and identity. They are an invaluable part of any organization and they promote a brand by placing it to the right audience. They entice consumers and boost the sales of an organization no matter they are dealing with a product or service.
  • HR Recruitment: HR analysts are personnel who are responsible to solve human-resource-related issues in an organization. They ensure that the employees must stick to the HR policies of an organization. Generally, they act as a bridge between the employees and management. At times, they also evaluate the performance of individual employees.
  • Operations:An operations executive manager is directly concerned with the operations of an enterprise. With their skills, they optimize the business process and maintain various facilities within an organization. They communicate with upper-level management and come up with strategic operational solutions and goals.
  • Retail Management: The primary task of a retail manager is to run a retail store successfully. They have to communicate with the consumers and try to resolve the issues they are facing while purchasing goods. They also act as supervisors and monitor the staff to ensure that they are rendering the best possible customer service and experience.
  • Information Technology: An IT manager is responsible for planning, leading, and coordinating computed-based and related activities in an organization. They determine the IT infrastructure and needs of an organization. Also, they have to make sure that the organization is not vulnerable to IT and cyber threats.
  • International Business: An international business manager is responsible to maintain the overseas relationship with other organizations. Some organizations only deal with foreign clientele and they liaise between the local and foreign bodies to ensure that the business is running smoothly. With their knowledge and cultural skills, they try to retain existing clients and customers.
  • Agriculture Business Management: An agriculture business manager is responsible for promoting and marketing livestock, agricultural products, and services. They are concerned with the quality of crops produced on a farm. Also, they are dedicated to optimize and improve farming, crop conservation, and resource management.
  • Pharmacy: A pharmacy manager is a senior-level pharmacist whose job role extends beyond the typical duties of a pharmacist. They keep a watch over the daily operation of a drug store and train junior-level pharmacists. If required, they have to maintain data, records, and prescriptions each pharmacist is filling within your drug store or pharmacy.
  • Data Analyst: A data analyst is responsible to process, collect, and perform statistical analysis on the basis of rendered data or information. They are the personnel who analyse the given data to find patterns and provide solutions to any existing problem. Data analysts utilize programming languages and tools such as R-Programming, SPSS, and Tableauto suggest how to set the pricing of new services or products based on the market demand, reduce cost of transportation in an enterprise, how to cut costs while running a company, and more.

So, now you know the scope of MBA and job opportunities post-COVID-19 scenario. Remember, an MBA degree has become a vital ingredient in the recipe for success. If you are an MBA graduate no one can stop you from climbing the ladders of accomplishment. You can become a world-class leader and with your leadership quality, you can become the reason behind the success of an organization.

Particularly in case of MBA aspirants one more chance will be given by Maharashtra State Government in terms of additional MH-CET exam for aspirant MBA Students so be ready, as stated by officials.

An MBA makes you ever ready to face modern world challenges and requirements with confidence. With an MBA degree in your hand, you can come up with a real-time solution to any problem or issue thrown at you.

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