Check List: How to Choose a Right MBA College for Your Career?

Check List: How to Choose a Right MBA College for Your Career?

Let’s start with a fact – India has more than 3200 B-Schools and we comprehend choosing the best college that meets all your needs can be a daunting task. Choosing the right MBA College or a business school is of utmost importance because your future depends upon it. A few aspirants are seeking a college that has the best placement records, a few are looking for great campus life, some are fond of infrastructure and others only want best hostel amenities and then some want a perfect balance between the curriculum and extra and co-curricular activities.

Choosing the right MBA College will help you sharpen skills such as – leadership qualities, problem-solving and analytical skills, interpersonal and communication skills, strategic thinking and planning abilities. The best MBA colleges have dedicated Training and Placement Cell that makes a student ready with CV Writing, resume building, aptitude tests, mock interviews, group discussions, presentations, and more. The present industry requirement is quite simple – nowadays, recruiters are on a constant lookout for such students who are good at taking charge. An organization seeks disciple, time management, and good communication skills in a candidate and these you can get from attending a good MBA college.

Attending a good MBA college will help you adapt to anything. You will be best-suited for any organization based on the skills you will possess via attending a reputed MBA college or a business school. As we have said earlier, selecting a good MBA college can be difficult, ergo; we will be covering points that will help you decide the best MBA College for yourself. A few pointers are – Management Goal – Why do you want to do an MBA? Ranking – Measure the credibility of the institute, Alumni Network, ROI, Fee Structure, Industry Linkage, and more.

Here, the complete list for you

Management Goal – Why do you want to do an MBA?

This is one of the most important questions in the whole list. It is finally you who have to decide what are your management goal? Are you looking to indulge in entrepreneurship? Or do you want to join Big 4 in managerial roles? Do you seek happiness in HR activities? Or are you amazing with sales and marketing? Recognize your true knack with introspection and select the MBA College and stream accordingly. If you are a working professional you can go for an executive MBA. If you have decided on a point, focus on that and work hard to achieve your goal. Don’t try to emulate or impress others; it’s your choice and you will have to take it from your heart and mind.

Make a List

This is also a major step. First of all, make a list of all your requirements, i.e. what you need from a college? As aforementioned, sort out your priorities, such as – placements, campus life, infrastructure, hostel amenities, or an amalgamation of everything; what do you need the most? Go out, ask your friends and take help from seniors and try to know about a particular college that you like to enroll yourself in. So as an aspiring student what you can do is make a list of all good colleges and decide whether or not those colleges have all the must-have elements. If you find a particular college that has everything you need, take your time and decide to go to that college. You will find you’re one step closer to making your dream come true.

Ranking – Measure the credibility of the institute

It is true ranking of a particular MBA College or Business School matters a lot and as an aspirant, you must never neglect this. Visit online and check their websites to know the accreditations they have. Any tie-ups with a foreign university will also help. The top 5 Indian MBA Rankings for a B-School are:

  • NIRF Ranking Framework by HRD Ministry, Government of India
  • Business Today B-School Ranking
  • com Ranking
  • The Week Ranking of B-Schools
  • Outlook B-School Rankings

Alumni Network

The older the college is the better and more alumni they have. A good B School must have alumni all over India or maybe the world. Remember, “Old is Gold” so choose wisely. Check the website to know more about the alumni network of a particular college or you can browse online to get the exact details. Here, video testimonials or static posts on social media can help you select the best ones.

Return on Investment

A student must take care of ROI i.e. Return on Investment. In layman’s terms, it means If your college fee is Rs. 40 lacs for 2 years and you’re getting a package of 10 lacs per annum then it will take you 4 years to cover the fee. But if you adjust with inflation, the time taken will be a tad more than 4 years. So, ROI is a point that must be incorporated when you’re deciding for a good MBA College. If they are not so good with placements don’t consider joining that college; unless and until you’re planning to become an entrepreneur.

Placements and Internships

A good MBA College must have a good placement record and they must maintain a harmonious rapport with major MNCs and other organizations so their students can get placed without much hassle. A reputed MBA College or B School must have internship programs where a student will be able to know the latest industry trends and how an organization works within separate departments. Take placements and internships into consideration when you’re making a list of good MBA Colleges.

Faculty Members

Faculty members play a pivotal role in the holistic development of the student. In a good MBA College, you can call faculty members as “mentors” as they are well-versed with their respective curriculum as well as career-counseling activities. Check whether or not the faculty members are friendly and they are ready to push the envelopes and walk the extra mile for students. This will help you select a good MBA College for yourself.

MBA Specialization / Curriculum

It is of utmost importance that you choose a college that has all MBA specialization or curriculum you require. Check their website to know the curriculum they follow; also check, if the curriculum meets modern world requirements and challenges or not. A curriculum should be made diligently and it shouldn’t be redundant at all. So, ask your friends, senior students or take help from alumni members to know the syllabus and specialization of an MBA college or B School.

Additional Relevant Certifications & Programs

Check if an MBA College or a B School has provision for additional relevant certifications and programs. Remember, certifications and training programs have become a must to survive in this highly competitive market. Certifications help you stay relevant with the latest industry trends and domain needs. A good MBA College must emphasize on having relevant certifications and programs; also, they must have a separate space for that.

Industry Linkage – Industrial Tour

A renowned MBA College or a B School must have top-notch industry linkage and they must take their students on frequent industry tours. Industry tours help a student know what is happening inside an organization. Also, a good industry linkage helps a student get placed easily as their alumni are already present in that particular organization. Remember to check the industry linkage and tour of an MBA college and then decide by taking the time. Never rush when it comes to select the best for yourself.

Fee Structure

Fee structure plays an important role while selecting an MBA College. First of all, know what is your budget for an MBA? If it is not too high then you can consider taking an education loan. A few colleges have the facility for scholarship programs so most of the fee is waived off. If you’re a scholar you can apply for scholarship programs. Some colleges also have international tie-ups with foreign universities. In such programs, a student can go to a foreign country and learn there and know about their culture and living too.

Location of the B-School

Location of an MBA College or a B School matters a lot as it is quite obvious that if your college is 80 kilometers away from your home you cannot do an up-down of 160 kilometers every day. If somehow, you’re able to travel that a lot you cannot focus properly on studies or any other activities as most of your time will be consumed in traveling. Then, you will have to think about staying in a hostel or a PG. This will be an additional cost. So, fix your priorities and then decide.


A state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that the MBA College or B School has all the required amenities. A good infrastructure motivates you as it becomes your second home. A student must be able to roam freely inside a campus and discuss with fellow students about career and studies. Centrally air-conditional classrooms and auditorium are few basic amenities every college must have.

College Environment

Campus life and college environment are crucial while selecting a college. An MBA College must have a free environment where every student can think freely. A good MBA College must have extra provision for clubs and committees. A good campus must comprise a library, laboratories, classrooms, and a cafeteria and administration and faculty offices. If a college has all these consider joining that college.

International Exposure

International exposure helps you easily work or study abroad. A well-reputed college must have enough international exposure. For this, they must have student exchange or similar programs that allow a foreign student to study in our country and vice versa. By doing this, a student gets enough exposure in the market and is ready to be deployed anywhere. An aspiring student must check websites and browse the internet to know more about international exposure and repute.

So, know you know how to choose the right MBA College for your career. Keep all these points in mind while selecting a college and you would never go wrong. If you love to take charge and impress everyone with your leadership skills; you and MBA are made for each other. Choose the best college so that you will become a contributing part to society. Become a beacon of light for everyone and enlighten other’s lives and career paths.

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