What Are The Career Options in Financial Management?

What Are The Career Options in Financial Management?

Career Opportunities for Financial Management Students in India, ISMR

Career Opportunities for Financial Management Students in India, ISMR

A notable number of students pursuing commerce degrees tend to study the MBA specializing in financial management instead of opting for traditional career paths. While traditional career options offer good but limited opportunities, an MBA in financial management can facilitate students to achieve varying lucrative jobs that are both respectable and interesting.

Financial management specialists can handle responsibilities of various positions in the corporate industry including corporate finance, fintech, credit risk analysis, investment banking, risk management, security analysis, portfolio management, financial analysis, wealth management, or even in sectors like non-banking financial companies. So much, therefore, the financial management course has to offer.

A 17% increase is expected in demand for financial managers between the years 2021 and 2031. But unfortunately, due to the lack of correct facts and figures, many students underrate the financial management specialization. Since professionals specialized in financial management deal with the ‘money aspect’ of a company, they are offered distinctive positions and salaries.

Top Career Opportunities for Financial Management Students in India

The topics covered in the financial management course include accounting, financial planning, and creating plans for the organization’s continued profitable growth. The applicants will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to create budgets and distribute resources among the many divisions of the business as a result of their participation in the courses, which are designed to fulfill this purpose.

So let’s see what opportunities they get after passing this course.

1.  Corporate Finance

A subset of the broader financial industry that focuses on meeting the capital needs of corporations is generally known as corporate finance. Money, investments, and reorganizing capital are all topics covered. A strong aptitude for mathematics and its application to managing funds, increasing ROI, developing novel approaches to budgeting, etc. is required.

In addition, top corporate advising companies seek out finance majors as a means to speed up M&A deals. Professionals with an MBA are highly sought after by major corporations for managerial and executive roles. So, those with a passion for numbers should choose a job in finance.

Job ResponsibilityDegree / QualificationApproximate Average SalaryHiring Companies
1.    Designing business strategies


2.    Reviewing financial statements

MBA in Finance




Chartered Financial Analyst course

9.7 LPA1.    Hero FinCorp


2.    Godrej


3.    American Express

2.  Investment Banking

It’s a great job in the financial sector. Investment bankers often work as brokers for big institutional customers in a variety of situations, such as M&As, equity or debt underwriting for capital raises, and company restructuring.

Top MBAs with the necessary expertise are preferred hires for most major investment banks. Workweeks of 75-100 hours are regarded as one of the worst options for balancing work and personal life. Compensation and advancement opportunities, however, would be among the finest if you worked for a huge business in New York or London, two of the world’s leading financial centers.


Job ResponsibilityDegree / QualificationApproximate Average SalaryHiring Companies
1.    Providing sound investment advice and strategies


2.    Acquisitions


3.    Supervising mergers

MBA in Finance12.7 LPA1.    Axis Bank


2.    JP Morgan Chase


3.    BNY Mellon

3.  Risk Management

Companies may reduce their vulnerability by increasing their returns on investment strategically. Here, the ability to handle risks effectively becomes crucial. Experts in risk management are equipped to advise clients based on an understanding of the big picture of market risk and the propensity to spot a negative investment result.

In addition, they apply mathematical reasoning to guide their customers toward a business model that is consistent with the company’s goals. If you enjoy working with numbers, you’ll thrive in the field of risk management.

Job ResponsibilityDegree / QualificationApproximate Average SalaryHiring Companies
1.    Identifying & measuring risks


2.    Providing solutions to the risk


3.    Evaluating Programs

MBA in Finance10 LPA1.    TCS


2.    Accenture


3.    Stripe


4.    Bajaj Finserv

4.  Public Accounting

The term public accounting is used to describe businesses that provide their services to other companies. Expertise in accounting, auditing, and tax preparation are just some of the services that public accountants provide their customers. A position in public accounting is ideal for you if you are skilled in applicable areas of commerce and do not shrink from taking on new difficulties because of them.

Job ResponsibilityDegree / QualificationApproximate Average SalaryHiring Companies
1.    Advising clients on financial matters


2.    Create financial reports


3.    Prepare and file tax documents

M. Com




MBA in finance




Certified Public Accountant

7 LPA1.    Axis Bank


2.    Team Lease


3.    Citigroup

5.  Financial Analyst

A financial analyst’s primary responsibility is to aid their company or investors in identifying successful deals. This calls for skill in building comprehensible financial models and evaluating the success of stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. Simply, an analyst analyzes data and provides predictions, threats, etc. based on the available data. Since you are a financial analyst, you will be dealing with the financial aspect of all these.

Job ResponsibilityDegree / QualificationApproximate Average SalaryHiring Companies
1.    Minimizing costs


2.    Analyzing budgets


3.    Ideas on savings objectives

MBA in Finance4.7 LPA1.    Fincart


2.    Befree Business Resourcing


3.    Bajaj Capital

Apply for MBA in Financial Management

There is a vast and diversified field of financial management. Opportunities are many. And studying MBA in ISMR broadens the scope and opportunities even more. Numerous Indian business schools provide extensive curriculums in financial management. Each college or university may offer a unique set of courses. In this sphere, ISMR may be the ideal option for you if you want a future in financial management since our courses are designed in not only a learning-oriented way but also in a practical skills-oriented way.

Being affiliated with Savitribai Phule University, ISMR offers the Financial Management specialization in MBA. Our curriculum aids students in making well-informed financial decisions by giving them a firm grounding in the economic and business finance sectors. Students’ analytical and numeric prowess improves as a result. In this course, students learn how to strategically model financial performance indicators to improve a company’s bottom line. You can know more about the program from our website, and even the semester-wise breakdown of the complete syllabus of the course is also available there.


To wrap up, financial management is an important and lucrative industry that offers a wide range of job opportunities. Demand for people skilled in financial management is expected to rise as the economy and business climate continues to undergo dramatic shifts. With that said, you have already known the wide range of opportunities in this field as well.

Head to the ISMR website, and gather more information about your preferred specialization in MBA or even MBA in general. You can go through our blogs as well. Since our blogs are written to help out the students and clear their doubts, you may find a lot of answers to your questions and curiosities. You can also contact us via enquiry@ismrpune.edu.in or our contact number (+91 9145374040) to clear your doubts or satisfy your interests.

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