Career & Job Opportunities after PGDM in Agribusiness Management

Career & Job Opportunities after PGDM in Agribusiness Management

PGDM in agribusiness is a blooming domain. Hundreds of thousands of aspiring students are trying to enroll themselves in agribusiness because they know that the path is paved with great career opportunities and a highly rewarding career. But for people, who don’t have the slightest idea about this domain, let us first see what PGDM is, and then we will come to the agribusiness part. So, without any further ado, let us get the basic introduction of PGDM.

PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a 2-year full-time course that is provided by the premier business schools. In India, PGDM is considered equivalent to MBA but the fees of the PGDM course are slightly higher than MBA because MBA generally focuses on the theoretical part whereas PGDM is diligently designed keeping the latest industry trends and requirements in mind. So, you can say that PGDM has a better career-oriented approach than that MBA.

Now, let us delve deeper into agribusiness. Agribusiness is a wide sector of business that encompasses farming and all farming-oriented commercial and non-commercial activities. Agribusiness is also concerned with the required steps that are needed to send the agricultural goods to the market for distribution, processing, and production. Agribusiness is a vital constituent of Indian and foreign economies; and according to the 2011 agricultural census of India, 61.5% of 1.3 billion people living in India are rural population and they are primarily dependent on agriculture. FYI, the number of farming households in India is around 160 million.

Agribusiness treats various aspects of farming and cropping that includes producing agricultural products in a single unit. In India, the farmers raise animals and harvest crops – fruits, grains, and vegetables via sophisticated cropping and harvesting techniques that use GPS to govern the operations concerning harvesting. The manufacturers are trying their level best to develop highly efficient machines and equipment that will make the farmers’ task easier in every sense.

PS: So, in short, agribusiness management will teach you how to assist and help the farmers via strategic planning, thinking, and decision-making skills that you will attain via completing your PGDM in agribusiness.

PGDM in agribusiness is of high importance. Agriculture is an important sector for numerous developing countries like India and in the past several decades we have come to our senses that besides great engineers, doctors, lawyers, and scientists a country also need great agribusiness managers who are efficient with the technical and non-technical aspects off arming, cropping, and harvesting.

In this blog, we will cover the scope of PGDM in agribusiness management in India, job opportunities after PGDM in agribusiness, salary after PGDM in agribusiness management, and the industries that hire PGDM in agribusiness professionals. So, let the journey begin!

Scope of PGDM in Agribusiness Management in India

Did you know,agriculture makes up to 17.5% of India’s GDP? In India, the scope of PGDM in agribusiness management in India is huge. As we know that India’s economy depends a lot upon agriculture so the gateway to numerous career opportunities is quite enticing in this field. PGDM in agribusiness includes finding the right target audience, observing the market, and developing solutions and products for the agriculture industry.


Now, let us see a few sectors where PGDM in agribusiness plays a crucial role.

  • Marketing: After PGDM in agribusiness, you can easily join a marketing division of an organization that deals with agriculture. Target the right customers and build better relationships with other enterprises to skyrocket the sales of your product or service.
  • Supply Chain Management: You can act as a bridge between demand and supply in the supply chain domain. Identify which sectors need agricultural products the most and close the gap. Utilize the skills that you have attained during PGDM in agribusiness to solve real-time and real-life problems of the farmers.
  • Procurement: You can become a key player in the area of procurement. As a professional, you will be responsible for –product performance, pricing of products, storage, delivery time, local contact, and application services in the agriculture domain.
  • Finance: Finance is an important part of agribusiness. You can become a finance manager and help the farmers in need. Utilize your problem-solving, decision-making, analytical, and communication skills to solve the issues that a farmer faces in the financial area.
  • Technology: If you have an innate knack for technology agribusiness can do wonders for you. You can come up with technical solutions that might assist the farmers to develop and grow better crops. Also, with your technological prowess, you can assist the farmers to double or triple their output. As a technology expert, you may help with better and optimized farming, cropping, and harvesting.
  • Farming and livestock: By completing your PGDM in agribusiness you can assist the farmers to improve the quality of farming and livestock. You can help the farmers know what they can do to improve the quality of farming – such as the utilization of high-quality crops, using technology to solve harvesting related issues, and how to use livestock for better earning.
  • Entrepreneurship: You can become an entrepreneur and revolutionize the agribusiness industry with your ideas. As an entrepreneur, you can directly help the farmers with their needs. You can employ staff and ask them to come up with a solution to farming problems. Also, you can help the farmers reach local and global markets with the skills that you have attained doing PGDM in agribusiness.
  • Food Processing: Agribusiness is a combination of various aspects of farming, harvesting, and cropping,and food processing plays a vital role in agribusiness. With your skills, you can assist the farmers to enter food processing domain and help them grow their income. Develop strategies to assist the farmers how they can improve the quality of processed food items and more.
  • Commodity Trading and Warehousing: This is an important area in agribusiness. As we know that farmers harvest and grow crops, they need a space for storage. Great warehousing ideas can help them store the crops in a better way and commodity trading can help them exchange their existing products or services for other required services that a farmer needs or demands.
  • Organic Certifications and Auditing Agencies: An organic certification is a kind of certificate that is given to the farmers who grow crops without using any synthetic compounds such as DDT. Organic products are in huge demand these days as they are healthier than non-organic food items. Auditing agencies audit and supervise the quality of crops developed by the farmers and if they pass every quality check, organic certification is given to the farmers.

Job Opportunities after PGDM in Agribusiness

After completing your PGDM in agribusiness you can opt to become

  • Farming Planner: A farming planner is responsible for the decision making process in agribusiness. They are concerned with the management and organization of limited supply resources in agriculture and come up with farming goals. They select the most profitable approach among all possible alternatives to harvesting and cropping.
  • Agricultural Analyst: An agribusiness analyst interprets and utilizes data that affects numerous aspects in agriculture such as pricing, yielding, stability, future investments, economic influences, and risk trends. They also provide financial help to farmers by rendering loans and credits.
  • Marketing Manager: As a marketing manager you will be primarily responsible for promoting your brand. You must position the brand amongst the right target audience and boost the sales of your product or service. You will have to attract more customers and start marketing campaigns if required.
  • Market Analyst: A marketing analyst is responsible to perform market research and analyze the right audience to target products and services. At times, they also have to develop marketing plans for an organization, recognize customer preference, and buying trends.
  • Agribusiness Office Assistant: You will have to keep a daily record of crops and livestock along with finding solutions to agribusiness needs. Planning stock levels and future crop analysis are an integral part ofthe agribusiness office assistant job profile.
  • Risk Analyst: A risk analyst is responsible to analyze the risk involved in agribusiness. They have to keep continuous watch over the market and predetermine any risk that an organization might face which deals with agribusiness.
  • Quality Controller: As the name suggests, a quality controller will have to improve the existing quality and standards of crops. They have to supervise the operational needs of an organization and ensure that the production is meeting all sorts of quality standards.
  • Crop Producer:As a crop producer you will have to practice trends that are important to operations while growing crops. Apart from crops, you might also have to take care of livestock as it is also an inseparable part of farming.
  • Farm Appraiser:You will have to identify fair market value for cropping and harvesting. As a farm appraiser, you will have to come up with ideas and solutions that will help a farmer improve the quality of land where they are farming; this might be organic or inorganic.
  • Agribusiness Food Manager: An agribusiness food manager is responsible for managing the food items that are concerned with agricultural needs. With your analytical and communication skills you will have to liaise with other organizations that might be your potential clients.
  • Farmers Relationship Manager: As a farmers relationship manager you will have to oversee the development of community relationships between the increase of sales and the available commercial products. You will have to work closely and hand-to-hand with the sales and marketing team if you want to become a farmer’s relationship manager.
  • Export of Agribusiness Products: As an exporter, you will have to export agricultural goods to foreign countries where the demand for agricultural products is higher. You will have to identify the current market needs and export high-quality farming products to the world and retain the existing customers while making new ones.

PGDM in Agribusiness Management Salary Scope

The salary depends upon the experience you have in the agribusiness field. If you are a fresher then definitely you will get a lesser salary than experienced personnel. What is important that you must take the initial step and attain as much experience as you can! You will see that you are climbing the ladders of success sooner and have reached the height of accomplishment.

A fresher candidate in agribusiness might start getting Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month while experienced personnel can earn up to Rs. 1, 00,000 to Rs. 1, 50,000 per month.

PS: Please make a note that the salary depends from place to place and organization to organization. The data given here is an approximation.

Industries That Hire PGDM in Agribusiness Professionals

As we already know that HR professionals and recruiters are on a constant lookout for candidates who have completed PGDM in agribusiness as they are highly proficient in all sorts of agricultural needs. Let us see a few industries that hire PGDM in agribusiness professionals.

  • Food Production Companies
  • Food processing companies
  • Farming Industries
  • Farming equipment manufacturing industries
  • Agro-chemical industries
  • Public & Private Sector
  • Marketing Industries
  • Retail Industries

So, now you know everything there is to know about agribusiness. Remember, a PGDM degree in agribusiness will help make your dreams come into reality. You can be a part of MNCs and help the farmers in the process. If you love agriculture then PGDM in agribusiness and you are made for each other.

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