Business Management vs. Business Administration — Know Key Differences

Business Management vs. Business Administration — Know Key Differences

Business Management vs. Business Administration

Business Management vs. Business Administration

Business administration and management courses tend to seem somewhat similar to most people, but significant distinctions are there between them. Therefore, it’s necessary to be able to decide on the right course. But without knowing the key differences, it would be misleading to subscribe to any one of them.

Business management simply manages or looks after a company’s resources, while business administration is mainly operation-related tasks. Therefore, in a way, business administration is more specialized than business management. Business management is more human-centric while business administration is strategic and technical.

Even rich prodigals would not waste a few Lakhs of their money on a course that does not even address their children’s interests. Then why should you !! While talking about business management courses, options are many, and so are the doubts. Hence, for now, let’s clear the doubts between business management and business administration in this article.

Basic Differences and Key Characteristics at A Glance

Units ⬇Business ManagementBusiness Administration
TaskManaging resourcesManaging operations
WorkplaceCovers a broad areaA specialized subject
ResponsibilityOften deals with clientsWorks mainly inside the company
Avg. Salary8 to 10 LPA4 to 6 LPA
Career OpportunitiesCan work with small to big businessesWork with big corporates like MNCs

3 Areas: Business Management and Business Administration Difference

Wikipedia is a little less precise in its elaboration when it uses both terms synonymously because there are indeed subtle distinctions that can be significant in a few circumstances. But to discuss those circumstances would be a huge undertaking and also digressive considering our topic. Therefore, let’s see the differences between business administration and management courses.

1.  Business Management vs Business Administration: A GENERAL Discussion

First of all, from the table above, you might get the points, but it’s necessary to discuss them with proper facts.

  • A business manager is responsible for a lot of tasks like managing employees, managing sales, and even supervising large projects. On the other hand, a business administrator is responsible for looking after the day-to-day operations, in the industry of their expertise.
  • Business management is more people-oriented as professionals in this job require to deal with individual employees and even clients. Whereas, business administration is more technical in nature. You need to manage large spreadsheets and other specific tasks that relate to your chosen specialization.
  • Since the differences are minimal and business administration is a more specialized field, big corporates only need business administration. In small businesses or start-ups, the responsibilities of administrators are often taken care of by the managers.

2.  Business Management vs Business Administration: In Terms of SKILLS

Every different job roles demand different responsibilities, and hence different skill sets. Especially, in the competitive corporate world, skills play a key role in determining your employment in the industry, and position in the company. Needless to say, due to the business management and business administration difference, you need different skills.

Skills in project management, organization, finance, and leadership are honed and refined in a business administration curriculum to better serve the needs of a company as a whole. You will improve your social and communication abilities via classwork and projects that need group effort.

While a business administration degree may provide some of the same knowledge and abilities needed to manage a team effectively, a business management degree will place a greater emphasis on developing your analytical, authoritative, and problem-solving abilities.

3.  Business Management vs Business Administration: In Terms of DEGREE & CAREER

It’s important to note that either a business management or a business administration degree will serve you well in your professional life. It’s a matter of emphasis on particular areas that separate business administration from business management. According to the specialization in your degree, you’ll get jobs. So, first and foremost, you should have a plan for your future occupation.

For instance, if you decide to major in business administration and pick finance as your area of concentration, you may expect your career to have strong ties to the financial sector. Similarly, if you major in management, you can choose from a wide range of jobs in the broader field of management.

Business Management vs Business Administration: Few Job Titles


Business ManagementBusiness Administration
Operations ManagerStaff Accountant
Management analystMarketing Specialist
Sales ManagerBusiness Analyst
Financial Reporting ManagerHuman Resources Administrator

Business Management vs Business Administration: Which Is Better for You

Now, it’s obvious that your best interests are unknown to us. Hence, it would be unfair to provide a conclusive answer. The most effective way is to tell you the way following which you yourself can figure out the right course for you. Follow the following points and hopefully, your doubts will be clear:

  1. First of all, you need to focus on your interest: a job that excites you. What kind of job role would you prefer? Be clear about it.
  2. Secondly, figure out your strong points, and see what job roles are in alignment with them.
  3. Thirdly and finally, think where you want to see yourself 7/8 years down the line — whether you want to be a specialized expert or a general manager.

That is pretty much it. There is no rocket science for business management vs business administration career options; rather it’s simple.

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The decision ultimately rests with you. If you have a firm grasp on your destination, you can choose the more direct of the two options. Both can assist you to advance professionally if you haven’t made up your mind yet. A degree in business administration may be costly, but it will likely help you advance to more senior management roles if you can afford it.

However, if you are truly committed to learning and improving, then a Master’s in business management would be just as beneficial. Whatever path you take, know that the opportunities in the post-CoVid business world have changed and it needs passionate workers with a wide range of skills.

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