Shri Vighneshwara Education Society

Shri Vighneshwara Education Society is an Indian rooted cluster committed to innovative growth. ISMR B-School team speaks the new language of success in the field of management education, leadership & entrepreneurship. It is anchored by an extraordinary force of dedicated and eminent leadership belonging to various sectors of corporate and the academia. Being an emerging leader in management education, ISMR B-School continues to search for opportunities to expand in the various landscapes to empower the youth.

Founded as an educational institute, ISMR B-School introduced an exemplar mentoring and tutoring system about a decade ago. It created new waves in the educational field with its radical & ground-breaking methodologies and became an intellectual destination drawing inspired students. Today, ISMR B-School represents a constellation of academicians, mentors, trainers, corporate partners, alumni and the young students, becoming a center of excellence.

Shri Vighneshwara Education Society has invested in the incubation of several start up enterprises and is now progressing rapidly on an ambitious growth and expansion plan pan India. The organization encompasses of an enthusiastic team of business and financial experts. It has a robust network to build a dynamic environment to nurture and fuel the growth of nascent enterprises. Today, ISMR B-School aspires to establish ventures in various domains such as IT, Financial Services, Home Decor, Hospitality, Restaurants, Music Industry, Education Industry, FMCG, Engineering etc.






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