Why ABM in ISMR B-School?

  • Agri Business, as a concept encompasses the whole range of activities from agro input manufacturing to marketing the processed food for the ultimate consumer.
  • India is endowed with varied agro climatic zones, which facilitates production of temperate, sub- tropical and tropical agricultural commodities.
  • There is a growing demand for agricultural inputs like seeds, feed & fodder, pesticides, fertilizers, bio- fertilizers.
  • Biotechnology applications in agriculture have vast scope in production of seed, bio-control agents, industrial harnessing of microbes for bakery products.
  • Agriculture Export can be harnessed as source of economic growth.
  • Rising standard of living expands the opportunities for secondary and tertiary processing of agricultural commodities.
  • India has a vast coastal line and internal water sources which provides enormous opportunity for production of marine and inland fish.
  • Agri Business Management starts with basic fundamentals like introduction to management, managerial effectiveness, business communication, business economics, quantitative techniques, basic accounting, information systems which can be effectively used in agriculture oriented and allied activates.
  • Farmer, who is the key performer in farming, is not getting passable returns to his produce. Consequently overall distortion in marketing channels and high price of final produce adversely effect on cost competitiveness.
  • Growing global population has results into disparity between market demand and supply side of agriculture produce.
  • Special consideration is required on following proper management practices, reducing raw material wastages at farm and processing level, effective marketing strategies like advertising, brand positioning at national and international levels.
  • Thus proper management of all the agribusiness activities right from planting the seed to getting the actual reward at market place is required.
  •  “Agribusiness” refers to the range of activities and disciplines encompassed by Modern Food Production and Substantial Growth is expected in the Agro Industry rewarding career opportunities for Managerial Professionals.
  • Education and Training Skills are imparted in the students for taking up the managerial responsibilities for managing Agro-Industry.
  •  The Agribusiness Management program focuses on system-wide business and managerial functions performed by organizations throughout the agribusiness sector, acquiring sufficient operating skill in using modern management tools and techniques in different functional areas of agribusiness.
  •  Encouraging Entrepreneurial spirit in students to make them effective in the Agriculture-enterprise sector.
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