Success stories

Anindita Acharjee

"The well-defined structure semester wise is what I loved. I knew every day, what I have to learn. ISMR has understood my reserve points and made sure that by the end of the program I overcome them. Most of the concepts of the theory were given a practical approach through Management games. Thank You ISMR!"

Taposh Biswas

"I am a proud ISMRian. I would like to thank the entire team of ISMR for bringing the transportation of being a live wire on the field. The special emphasis on Personality development, grooming and corporate etiquettes given by ISMR are helping me every day in taking the corporate expectations. ISMR Rocks!"

Uday Majumdar

"Fashion shows, Food fest, Sports day, Youth day, fests….what fun all these were. Being ISMRian is all about fun, masti, outings, enjoying and above all……with every activity there was learning. We are the best batch of the best institute- ISMR!"

Akhil Pillai

"The placement team of ISMR is the best with amazing corporate relations. Being a member of placement committee, I got to develop my network of professionals which is helping me even now. Not only in east or west, but in all directions, ISMR is the best!"

Pavithra L

"I take pride in the Institute. I will always miss the scenic campus, siting in library, enjoying the rains. Especially the workshops, MDP’s and simulation games that I have done in ISMR have helped me understand myself better and has helped me become a better team player. I am going to Miss ISMR days always and ever and a big THANK YOU!"

Nishikant Singh

"Though hard but it’s true, though course but it’s certain. You may have studied, learned, enjoyed, and experienced a lot of sundry things in your whole life but, two years at ISMR have taught me clear modes of success and modes to achieve it.ISMR made sure that what I learn in the class is seen in the operations. ISMR Rocks!"

Vishal Verma

“ISMR has given me a lot of opportunities to groom myself and compete in the corporate world. In short, it is an ocean of knowledge.”

Jagrutirani Patel

"Our institute motivates and encourages students to organize various events and thereby helps develop leadership qualities"

Ruchi Singh

“ISMR helped me nurturing my talent in various ways. It was a unique experience. Right from the directors to staff members to the faculty members all are very helpful and they bought out the best in me. “ISMR ROCKS”.

Priyanka Benette

“ISMR gives lot of opportunities to its students to showcase their academic and extracurricular skills. This place has completely changed me as a person and has taught me the values to be a thorough professional and a great manager.”

Akansha Singh

"I still remember the dialogue from corporate relations desk- “INTERNSHIP IS GOING TO BE YOUR BEST EXPERIENCE” and yes, it was my best. ISMR made sure I do not Brede under the corporate stress. They teach not tackle stress, but to manage it. And Yahoo!  I converted my internship into PPO."

Srishti Chauhan

“ISMR as an institute gave me ample opportunities to learn & grow in all aspects of life. Irrespective from where you belong you will always get the homely treatment. Commitment & discipline are the backbone of the 2 year programme which has helped me to become better student and top of it a better human being.”

Neelam Kumari

“ISMR is a place where you come with dreams, and move out turning those into reality!!!”

Amrita Kumari

“ISMR is an epitome of world class education which believes in reshaping attitudes of its student so that they can explore their potentials.”